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Delivering compliant and fully documented passive fire protection solutions   

Firetech UK are passive fire protection contractors providing services to the construction & petrochemical markets


For over 25 years Firetech have been entrusted with many projects of social and cultural significance including the recently completed £1bn Manchester Airport Transformation Programme for Laing O’Rourke, VMiC Oxford the UK's dedicated Vaccine Manufacturing and Innovation Centre and Manchesters much loved and Grade 1 Listed Town Hall ‘Our Town Hall Project’ for Lend Lease.

What we can bring to your project


We view our relationship with clients as a partnership and work collaboratively to find the most appropriate solutions for each project.


Our passionate management team contains a balance of youth and experience with a shared commitment to continually try to innovate and improve standards of passive fire protection whilst delivering projects safely and on time.


We apply the same design compliance first approach for all projects no matter how large or small. All of our supervisors and installers have been assessed by Firas for competence and we issue a Firas Certificate of Conformity on completion of all projects.

We use the latest bespoke fire protection software to both record installations and to deliver project specific detail packs to our operatives. Our highly experienced contract management team carry out rigorous quality assurance audits for all installations. 

What we do

We are dedicated to protecting people and property

Firestopping & Passive Fire Protection 


We supply a comprehensive package of passive fire protection solutions including surveys, firestopping, intumescent sprays, fire boarding, TBA FIREFLY® barriers and PROMATECT-L500® ductwork protection.​

Where possible we try to engage early on projects to work with architects, designers and other subcontractors to propose details that are both buildable and cost effective whilst also complying with government legislation and being fully certifiable and  backed up under the FIRAS third party accreditation scheme.

Why choose a FIRAS certified contractor? 

Warrington fire’s FIRAS is a third part accreditation scheme. FIRAS is the mark of endorsement of competency in the installation of products and systems, vital for achieving the protection required. 

Firestopping installation, Rockwool Face Detail  Fix Detail SD-113-RW, Fire Batt & Intumescent Sealant
Promat Durasteel

Fendolite MII Cementitious Spray & Durasteel Boards

We are licenced applicators / installers of ​PROMAT FENDOLITE® MII Cementitious Fireproofing Sprays for both the construction and industry sectors and DURASTEEL®  Composite Boards for industry. 

FENDOLITE® MII Application Arear

  • Steel structures

  • Spheres & Tanks

  • Vessel Skirts

  • Concrete structures

DURASTEEL® systems combine lightness, strength, impact resistance and durability with exceptional fire resistance. 

Application Areas:

  • Walls & Ceilings

  • Ducts

  • E&M Enclosures

  • Barriers


Fendolite MII to Steel Structure, Hydrocarbon Fire Protection

We are the UK  distributer for sales of PROMAT FENDOLITE® MII Cementitious Fireproofing Sprays to the Oil & Gas markets.

Promat FENDOLITE® MII is a lightweight cementitious spray with an unrivalled track record in the oil and gas industry. It offers protection against the most severe fire types, including hydrocarbon pool fires and jet fires. Promat FENDOLITE®-MII will maintain its integrity over many years, is able to withstand thermal shocks, and will not crack or spall under impact.


  • Outstanding workability

  • Long service life

  • UL1709 certified

  • Applied by Promat licensed installers

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Promat Fendolite Support Services

We also offer a range of support services including Applicator Training, Inspections, Compliance Reports & Putzmeister SP11 DMB Spray Pump Hire

Fendolite MII to Column Skirt, Hydrocarbon Fire Protection
Fendolite MII & Decothane to Sphere, Hydrocarbon Fire Protection

Who We Are

Passive fire protection experts

We are one of the UK's most knowledgeable and trusted passive fire protection contractors and have the proven ability to deliver landmark projects nationally across a range of sectors including, healthcare, transport, sports & culture, retail, social housing, industry and oil and gas.  



Year of Establishment


Projects Completed


FIRAS Accredited Since 


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Our Clients

We believe each client is a long term partnership

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