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Fire & Blast Protection

Firetech are licenced installers of PROMAT DURASTEEL®  composite boards to the Energy (excluding UKPN), Oil & Gas, FRA&A, Marine, Transportation and Heavy Industry sectors. 

We offer a complete service

Our expert technicians can propose and design bespoke project specific solutions for delivery by Firetech Durasteel installation engineers. At each stage of construction our highly experienced contract managers carry out rigorous quality assurance checks and a certificate of conformity is issued on completion.

Promat DURASTEEL® is a composite panel of fibre-reinforced cement with punched steel sheets mechanically bonded to both outer surfaces. DURASTEEL® systems combine lightness, strength, impact resistance and durability with exceptional fire resistance. 



Walls & Ceilings


E&M Enclosures

Blast & Fire Barriers



         ☑ Provides up to 4 hours fire                             protection

 Blast resistant up to k/n.

 High impact resistance


 Suitable for external applications

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