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Fire door solutions

Comprehensive fire door service

Firetech provides a complete set of fire door solutions to help our clients meet fire safety requirements and fulfil legal obligations. Our expert team is on hand to offer advice and guidance throughout every stage of the process. We provide a national service to a wide range of sectors including healthcare, stadiums, student accommodation, offices, and hotels.

Fire Door Inspections

Fire Door Maintenance

Fire Door Installation

Fire Door Electromagnetic Closer
BM Trada Q Mark Certification


Third Party Certification

We are third party certified under the industry leading BM Trada Q Mark Fire Door Installation and Maintenance schemes. The schemes are designed to ensure that fire doors are inspected, installed and maintained correctly to meet the required standards. Every door that we inspect, maintain or install is done so by our highly trained and fully accredited tradesmen.





Why do fire doors matter 

Fire doors play a vital role in a building’s passive fire protection system. Their primary function is to contain the spread of fire and smoke, thereby ensuring a safe escape route for occupants and mitigating damage to property.  


Fire doors are required by law in certain types of buildings, including commercial properties, public buildings, and multi-occupancy residential buildings. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 mandates that fire safety measures, including fire doors, be maintained in all non-domestic buildings.


Overall, fire doors play a vital role in fire safety, helping to protect lives, reduce property damage, and ensure compliance with legal and insurance requirements.

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Fire Door Inspection

Fire Door Inspections

Our BM Trada Q-Mark trained certified inspectors possess a comprehensive understanding of the legal requirements and standards necessary to verify if fire doors have been installed correctly and are in good working order.


We use the latest specialist software to label, number, photograph, and identify the location of each fire door. This provides information that can assist building owners or operators with future inspections and maintenance.

Our expert inspectors check every component of the fire door assembly and identify any non-compliances. Upon completion of the inspection, we will issue a detailed report stating a pass or fail for each door. Where remediation is required, we will identify the issues and provide clear recommendations for the necessary works to achieve compliance.

In addition to one-off inspections, we also offer periodic inspection plans with intervals of three, six, or twelve months.

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Fire Door Maintenance

Over time, wear and tear, environmental factors, and lack of maintenance can significantly impact the performance of fire doors. It is essential to address these issues promptly to maintain the effectiveness of your fire doors.


Our skilled tradesmen are able to repair and rectify a wide range of fire door issues using BM Trada Q-Mark Approved Repair Techniques. We prioritise repairs over replacement when it's practical and cost-effective to do so, extending the lifespan of your fire doors and avoiding unnecessary expense.

We are adept at working within occupied buildings and are able to deliver projects with minimal disruption. All repairs are fully documented and certified in accordance with BM Trada Q-Mark guidelines, providing landlords or building managers evidence that their fire doors have been maintained to the highest standards

Firetech Passive Fire Protection Solutions
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Fire Doors

Fire Door Installation

We provide a fully compliant fire door installation service, certified under the BM Trada Q Mark third-party accreditation scheme. Our highly skilled installers specialise in working in occupied buildings and efficiently replace existing door sets with minimal disruption to occupants.


Every installation is meticulously documented using the latest bespoke software. We produce detailed records, including location drawings, photographs, and details of the products installed. This extensive documentation enables us to deliver a full audit trail on completion of the works, ensuring Golden Thread compliance. 

Fire Doors FAQ

What information do you require to provide a quotation for Fire Door Inspections?

To provide an accurate quotation for fire door inspections, we need the following information:

  • Project address

  • Building use

  • Quantities of fire doors in the following categories:

    • Apartment Entrance Doors

    • Communal Single Doors

    • Communal Double Doors

Alternatively, we can estimate quantities if suitable drawings are provided.

What information do you require prior to undertaking a Fire Door Inspection?

The following information is not essential but may help us propose the most cost-effective and compliant solutions:

  • Fire Strategy or, if unavailable, General Layout Drawings

  • Fire Door Schedule

  • Installation Records / O&M Fire Door Information

  • Maintenance Records

What labeling system do you use?

Unless you have your own labeling system, we use a QR Code Label affixed to the side of the door.

What software do you use?

We use the OneTrace App to conduct and manage fire door inspections, installation, and maintenance. The app captures location mark-ups, product information, photographs, and detailed records. All of this information is securely stored online and can be exported as reports and spreadsheets in PDF or Excel formats.

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